Musicinfo is a music distribution platform that works with Chinese streaming services. Its design is for independent artists: it focuses on the music markets where Western music services are not at reach. In short, it provides huge benefits for independent musicians and record labels.

What does it do, then? Well, Musicinfo allows independent artists to promote their music as they gain a broad fanbase and expose their creations across the Chinese territory. Particularly, it helps users promote their masterpieces by publishing blog posts on this country’s social media services. Moreover, it helps independent artists expand their audience in an easy and efficient way.

Musicinfo for Musicians

Musicians, designers, and realists designed Musicinfo with the promise to provide an exceptionally high-quality service for its users. Additionally, the platform guarantees to boost the professional careers of independent artists among the Chinese audience. To do so it offers several plans regarding distribution: star, bronze, gold, platinum, and diamond. Even more so, it has plans regarding promotion: social media promotion, social media promotion pro, and video sharing.

Getting into the Chinese Music Industry

This music distribution platform aims to help artists who wish to break into the Chinese music industry. Musicinfo connects independent artists from around the world with the top five music providers in China. For example, there’s QianQian Music, QQ Music, Kuwo Music, Kugou Music, and Netease. Plus, it has direct collaboration and partnership with the most popular music distributors in this country. Also, it has connections with radio stations and music promotion companies. Overall, it offers streaming sales and reports that are extremely helpful for independent artists.

Recognition, Promotion, and Visibility: Musicinfo

Musicinfo offers recognition, exclusive promotion opportunities, and attractive deals to achieve visibility across the Chinese territory. Furthermore, this platform helps independent musicians grow their fanbase and broaden their audiences. In conclusion, it offers an exceptional service that is convenient for independent artists because it helps them reach a whole different musical journey in this market.