Soundrop is a music distribution service platform that allows independent artists to listen, vote, and interact. Additionally, it allows users to create listening rooms within their existing Spotify playlists. But that’s not all: it offers much more than just connecting listeners. It also connects independent musicians to their lister fans.

Soundrop: All About Sharing

This platform offers cover song distribution for independent artists and songwriters because it helps them distribute and license their tracks. Moreover, Soundrop enables users to share their musical content over the major streaming services and the biggest online music stores worldwide. For example, such services are iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, YouTube Music, Pandora, Deezer, Amazon Music, and much more.

Add Mix to the Mix

This music distribution service also allows independent artists to mix their style and expand their fanbase. Overall, it offers a safe, inexpensive, and legal alternative to license and distribute tracks. Plus, it allows musicians to distribute their original content for life. Most importantly of all, users get to keep 85 % of their revenue for a single set fee.

Soundrop: a Boost in your Carreer

Soundrop allows independent artists to focus on their most important task while they to the grunt work. The reason is that it offers attractive features, including collaborator revenue splits, cover song licensing, video game covers, music metadata, and much more. Its aim is to help independent musicians expand their professional careers. Furthermore, it wants to boost their music industry appearance and turn simple YouTube views into streams and downloads worldwide.


In conclusion, Soundrop offers amazing benefits for independent artists. Some of these are fast music distribution, pre-order setup, split revenue, and efficient artist support. In addition, it offers stats, data, and a detailed analysis report for users. This music distribution platform is easy-to-use and has a clean interface. In brief, it is a great alternative for independent artists who are working on a tiny budget. Think of it: it provides amazing features for those who are looking for a fast and straightforward music distribution alternative.

However, as is the case with any distributor, it has some downsides. Namely, there are three: it offers limited features, has limited partnership, and it provides slow song releases.