Indiefy is an online music distribution service and a record label that empowers the professional career of independent artists. It helps independent musicians sell their music on the biggest streaming platforms and online music stores worldwide. Particularly, it aids users in publishing their music masterpieces while they keep 100 % of their track rights. Sweet, right?

Indiefy: the Distribution Service

Indiefy offers an amazing music distribution service at no cost. However, it does retain 85 % of the independent artist’s earnings. Regardless, it offers independent musicians the opportunity to be promoted as they boost their music careers. This platform has connections with major music stores. For example, they’re in contact with iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, and many more. In addition, it offers highly effective customer support as well as Spotify for Artists verification.

Numbers Matter

Indiefy also offers analysis for daily trends, stream and download charts, a detailed fanbase, and playlist analytics. Additionally, it has broad connections with the biggest social platforms, as the ones mentioned before. As a result, this offers more creative content for their users. Through the Content ID innovative technology, independent artists have monetization from any video that contains even a tiny piece of their music.

Indiefy + Spotify

Indiefy provides independent musicians access to amazing Spotify features. For instance, there’s promotion after their music releases and a Spotify Algorithm. This algorithm aims to recommend specific music genres based on fans’ searches. Moreover, this platform is a free music distribution service. Nevertheless, it also offers three paid services that help people discover independent artists faster: superstar campaign, playlist master, and playlist basic.

The Three Paid Services

Firstly, the superstar campaign plan is for emerging artists. Specifically, it offers the opportunity to place two tracks for two weeks on Spotify playlists. Secondly, the playlist master plan helps artists get more exposure and more listeners. Plus, it allows them to place two tracks for one week on a Spotify playlist. Thirdly, the playlist basic plan is for artists on a budget, and it allows them to place one track for one week on one Spotify playlist.

Indiefy: Conclusion

Overall, Indiefy is a user-friendly platform that helps independent artists achieve their professional dreams. It offers a high-quality service for both beginners and experienced users. In conclusion, it is a great music distribution platform with a clean interface, amazingly useful tools, and the opportunity to connect with a great community of independent artists.