Bandcamp is a music distribution company designed for independent artists and music labels. Bandcamp helps independent musicians sell their music with their own set prices, allowing fans to pay more or less. Bandcamp is designed for independent artists who wish to promote their music creations and increase their fanbase. 

This music distribution company enables fans to stream or download music for specific fees. This music distribution company offers the independent artist the possibility to upload their music content for free, as it gives them access to an online community where they can interact with other independent artists, as well as with their fans. 

Bandcamp offers an amazing experience for fans who want to support their favourite independent artist. Bandcamp allows fans to listen to music before they decide to purchase a track. Bandcamp provides unlimited streaming access through their app, or the possibility to get a higher-quality download for a set fee. Bandcamp offers real-time stats and useful data, as well as the opportunity to set specific pre-order dates, release dates, and sales dates.

Bandcamp has a highly efficient SEO that allows independent artists to easily appear on the top Google searches. This music distribution company offers complete control and flexibility for independent musicians in a clean user-friendly interface. Bootcamp submits weekly sales reports and offers a Bandcamp Pro version that includes additional features, such as deeper stats, batch upload, custom domains, an ad-free alternative, as well as private streaming. 

Overall, Bandcamp is a fully equipped music distribution platform that offers independent artists full control over the commercial part of their music business. Bandcamp offers high-quality downloads and very efficient service for both artists and fans. This music distribution company provides a neat easy-to-use interface with amazing features and opportunities for independent artists. Bandcamp is a great alternative for independent musicians who want to increase their fanbase and boost their music careers.