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Uphoria by AngelicVibes Software is a Trap, Hip Hop and R&B rompler plug-in that is designed for producers bringing them a whole new side of sound and approach. Uphoria has an exceptional sound design and a user-friendly interface that will outshine several VSTs that are out there and aimed for the modern producer. These days, everybody essentially has the same sound libraries. You need to stand out, however, modern sounds cater to modern Hip-hop and Trap makers whereas including your personal vibe to it. It’s difficult to discover one library where you dig each sound you find and Uphoria attempts to do just that.

The plugin is planned to fit in your workflow with hundreds of naturally designed sounds for you to simply utilize with the objective to create your own character sound. Whether you’re a music producer, a beatmaker or a film composer, this plug-in car make you happy. Uphoria contains over 200 presets, all made by master producers and sound designers with a keen ear delivering you the sound you have looked for. The plugin incorporates a wide range of instruments from profound sifted bass, melodic chimes, atmospheres, and cool pads to astonishing guitars samples, acoustic pianos and much more.

In-depth there were used over 5k samples to create the plug-in, in 13 sound categories focused on Hip Hop and Trap. There is a build-in Reverb station with ADSR filters and Glide paired to a Multi-Output 16 x stereo output and compatible with a huge range of DAWS. Keep in mind that the Uphoria plug-in is not compatible with Mac OS Catalina or Big Sur, as well as Pro Tools. On the upside, if it if you are a Mac user, try to use it on OS X 10.4 with 12 GB of free disk space and at least 8 GB of ram. For PC users, Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Image: Angelical Vibes