Brightness Panner

music production knowledge

Brightness Panner by Sound Particles is a brightness analyser and panning plug-in that adapts to your sound and changes it to be used in space by making your mixes spread around. The plug-in is very easy to use and it will give you the tools to pan your audio in a simple way and it can also apply movements thanks to its brightness analysis system. Envision panning being controlled by the pitch of music notes and the brightness of the sounds or the MIDI notes you play.

From music to sound post, Brightness Panner permits you to move sounds powerfully in an assortment of generation groups from stereo to surround 5.1 and 7.1, to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2, Ambisonics up to 3rd order, and Binaural.

The Skillet mode is basically an ordinary end-to-end particle-based panning. This sort of panning, impact changes the position of the sound source between two focuses already characterized by you. Subsequently, the greater brightness or pitch shifts of the approaching signal, the more prominent the move from the beginning point to the endpoint. At whatever point the sound signal is inside the frequency or pitch range, the sound source moves in a direction that you just characterize.

As restricted to pan mode, the sound source does not return to the beginning point as soon as the signal falls outside that range. The sound source will solidify that position until the audio signal is back inside the range once more, driving to a new move of the sound source within the arch space.

Brightness Panner analyzes the range of sounds in order to pan them in 3D agreeing to an extension of frequencies set. Brightness Panner recognizes the pitch of individual notes and pans them in 3D concurring to a range of pitch values set by the user.

Image: Sound Particles