Alborosie Dub Station


Alborosie Dub Station by AudioThing is an all one filter, spring and echo plug-in. AudioThing inspected, analyzed, and carefully reproduced the original filter, echos, and spring reverb pre-owned, adjusted, and utilized by the incredible Osbourne Ruddock “King Tubby” a great producer, studio engineer, and pioneer of reggae from the brilliant period of the 70s – from Alborosie’s personal vintage adapt collection. Straight from the core of Jamaica’s most productive music community, Waterhouse in Kingston, AudioThing brings to us, Alborosie Dub Station.

Echowuk, specifically from government studios, at that point Ruler Tubby studio in Waterhouse Kingston, the MCI 2 track tape that was utilized to record conjointly to form the reverberate effect for most of the reggae classics by and large and prevalent Tubby’s instrumental name mixes. Spring Bling, Specifically from Lord Tubby studio in Waterhouse Kingston, the modified Fairchild Spring Reverb utilized by the Maestro himself in most classic records and name mixes he recorded and created.

Filter Man, Modelled after Tubby’s so-called “Big Knob”, an inactive high-pass channel with eleven recurrence steps from 70Hz to 7.5KHz. This filter characterized the sound of the whole ‘roots’ zone of Jamaican music! Genuine title Alberto D’Ascola was born within the Sicilian town of Marsala, Italy. He shaped the Reggae National Tickets, who routinely visited Europe amid the mid-to-late nineties. As the Thousand years drawn closer, the Tickets performed in Jamaica and the island instantly wrapped Alborosie in its spell, inciting him to jump ship and take work as an engineer at Gee Jam studios in Harbour Antonio – a tropical hideaway on Jamaica’s north coast where Amy Winehouse, No Doubt, and numerous other outside and neighbourhood stars enjoyed to record.

Image: AudioThing