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PatchWork by Blue Cat Audio is a powerful solution to virtually patch audio plug-ins. This universal platform can host 64 VST, VST3 or AU plug-ins into any DAW in a simple and fast way. It is conceivable to chain effects in series or make up to 8 parallel chains that can be enacted freely. This lets you make your favourite effects or instruments setups inside the plug-in, without the requirement for different busses. These setups can be spared as presets and reviewed immediately, or shared with different DAWs, utilizing any plug-in format.

In spite of the title, you’ll forget about wires or cables: arranging plug-ins directing is as basic as including or removing a row or a column within the rack’s matrix. All plug-ins can too communicate with each other or with the host application utilizing the virtual MIDI ports offered by the plug-in. For each plug-in space, latency emolument presets management, undo/redo integration, audio i/o choice and individual plug-in bypass are included for ideal operation. The plug-in stores the position of the window for each plug-in so that the format is reestablished along with your session or spared with presets.

Too, sub-plug-ins can be automated or controlled with outside control surfaces utilizing Blue Cat’s Interwoven parameters mapping capabilities. This item is accessible as a sound plug-in (effect or a virtual instrument) and standalone application so that it can be utilized alone or embedded on any sort of track in your favourite DAW, with up to 16 sound channels. Input and output level meters are moreover accessible to screen the signal that’s dispatched to be inserted plug-ins, including side chain and aux channels. The system requirements for PatchWork are an interl M1 Mac running OS 10.7 or newer, or a Windows computer running Vista or newer.

Image: Blue Cat Audio