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Kameleono by MIDIMood is a real-time quantizer and note holder plug-in that also has an arpeggiator, sequencer and chord. this superb VST plug-in can be suitable for vast applications, some of which can be songwriting, music production and live performance. With this plug-in, you will be granted the power of side changing into the world of MIDI which opens a huge world of possibilities. You’ll be able to use it to play or program the foremost high speed and complex advanced songs, bass lines, etc. You’ll moreover utilize it to simulate proficient playback of a genuine instrument such as a Piano, Guitar, etc.

How Does It Work? Kameleono is one of a kind. In addition to the standard MIDI-In / MIDI-Out, you’ll discover on any other MIDI FX plugin, there’s too a side-chain MIDI input called Pattern-In. Kameleono could be a multi-effect MIDI plugin due to its modular design. Each module can be utilized independently or in conjunction with other modules. High Accuracy Kameleono’s engine forms MIDI notes with Sample Level Exactness. Your output notes will be right where you anticipate them to be. Preparing is worn out parallel to the DAW’s sound signal stream, presenting Zero Added Latency and Amazingly Low CPU Utilization.

Innovative Arpeggiator A cutting edge design based arpeggiator with full polyphonic support. You’ll be able to deliver exceedingly differing and rich patterns effortlessly and rapidly. Sidechaining permits boundless steps note length, etc. Combined with progressed timing, this liberates your creative energy and inventiveness like never before. Sequencers are powerful, however as a rule constrained to one note at a time and a little number of steps. Kameleono’s sequencer expels those restrictions, presenting an unused level of sequencing with Polyphonic Designs, Boundless Steps, Per Note Shuffling and much more. There’s too an extraordinary mode for drums. The sequencer can act as a note gate, permitting synced mute/un-mute of person drum instruments in genuine time.

Image: MIDIMood