Music Producer

Music Production Knowledge

All the music you hear has gone through a process known as music production done by a music producer; it doesn’t matter if the song or album you’re listening to is really popular or underrated. This is a process in which artists create music, someone else manipulates it (mixed and processed), and then someone else preserves it (which means they export it to an audio file like an LP, Cassette, CD, or a digital file). After this process, another figure or institution distributes the song or album in its various forms. The result is that you reproduce it with your favorite playing device. And, of course, that you enjoy it.

Music Producer: Skills and Role

The figure who performs this whole process is the music producer. The person in this position needs to be skillful, have enhanced listening abilities, and recording technology know-how. Moreover, it’s very important that s/he has profound musical knowledge. For example, it’s very normal that music producers play at least one instrument or have a clear understanding of chords and scales. Also important, for music production, the music producer must handle effective project management. This is an essential aspect—and one with which a handful of independent artist struggle with. In turn, this takes us to the last crucial skill. That is, the music producer must have are leadership skills. The point is to keep the band, team, and her/himself motivated, driven, and focused on the overall project.

A record or music producer holds various roles. Firstly, s/he prepares a budget for an album. Then s/he schedules the process to meet the completion timings. In short, the general objective is to successfully finish the project on time and on budget. Secondly, there comes the process of converting raw material. It therefore can take form. Afterwards, an artist or band transform it into a finished recording. Thirdly, this figure must be in balance with the work and play balance. The music producer is essential in maintaining this balance by not killing their of the artist they’re working with.

Image: Dejan Krsmanovic