Recording Revolution

Recording Revolution is a highly effective online platform. It allows users to learn how to record, mix, master, and create radio-worthy songs from scratch. Plus, they can do so in the confort of their own home studio! The platform offers useful guides and a low length course to acquire simple and effective strategies. Particularly, these serve to create professional-sounding recordings and mixes with their own studio equipment. In short, it offers proven methods, techniques, philosophies, and mindsets that provide amazing results in no time.

To say it differently, Recording Revolution provides an education that empowers beginners, advanced musicians, and songwriters to make exceptional music in their own home studio. It offers new ways of thinking so that users can employ minimal equipment as they create high-quality music production material.

Recording Revolution: the Courses

Recording Revolution promotes several courses. All of them enable users to use their own DAWs and plugins. This combination makes it easier for students to achieve their musical masterpieces with no additional investment. Also, it provides simple solutions and methodologies to produce electronic music in a jiffy. This online music production school is for novice musicians who are eager to learn the basics of music production. Plus, they do so with affordable software such as Logic and Pro Tools.

Video Guides

Recording Revolution features several video guides and tools that help users create and maintain their own home studio. For example, they include recording and mixing a song from scratch, building an affordable and efficient recording studio, a simple guide to equalization, and another one to compression. More importantly, each video tutorial offers simple step by step guides that are easy to follow.

Recording Revolution: Conclusion 

Overall, Recording Revolution is a highly efficient platform with outstanding products. Each product is easy-to-use for both beginners and experienced users. Regardless, keep in mind that more advanced users might find the material and techniques to be too simple and basic.