Finish More Music

Finish More Music (FMM) is a training system and an online community that allows beginners and experienced artists to interact with each other through their entire music production process. This music production school turns musicians into high performing artists who create amazing musical masterpieces. Its staff offers high-quality education to students who are eager to find the perfect balance between creativity and technicality.

Finish More Music: Keith Mills

Finish More Music was born with the world-class experience of Keith Mills. He is a music producer, product specialist, ghostwriter, and mentor. In addition, he has helped thousands of potential artists reach their own personal goals. They do so while working in smarter ways and using simple and clear strategies.

Side Note: Quantize Courses

Apart form being the creator of FFM, Mills is also the founder of Quantize Courses. This is another prestigious music production school. Similar to FFM, but with its own specificities, Quantize Courses features several modules that include many hours of video tutorials. This online platform offers step by step learning, so students get amazing techniques that help them turn ordinary ideas into creative musical masterpieces.

Finish More Music: a Profile

Finish More Music is for potential artists who have basic DAW knowledge and what to focus on improving both their workflow and their mindset. In particular, Mills designed it for those potential artists that have been focusing on their music projects. The creator also though about people who want to become successful DJs and build a high-quality portfolio. In short, FMM offers a unique training system that has worked wonders.

FFM: Membership

FMM offers monthly membership courses that provide a wide variety of material. In this manner, musicians can carve their own road to success as they achieve their musical goals in a simple way. Memberships include video tutorials, interviews, workbooks, process maps, and project books that you can download to have full access from anywhere at any time. Additionally, each course features video lectures that you can view in any Digital Audio Workstation