Sound Fly

Sound Fly is a music production school that offers six-week online courses for all skill levels. This institution allows students to gather experience through active learning and constant practice. Each student decides between learning at their own pace or getting a mentor. In the second case, the mentor offers feedback and accountability throughout the entire educational process.

Sound Fly: the Programs

Sound Fly has several programs. They classify them as follows: Production, Write, Play, Hustle, and Discover. Each one focuses on specific areas within the music industry. Note, too, that each category features several courses. Here’s an overview of how it all works. Firstly, in Production, students learn the basics of recording, electronic music, and technology. Secondly, in the Write program, students get to know the basics of songwriting, composition, and theory. Thirdly, in the Play course, students comprehend the basics of practice and play. In fourth place, in the Hustle course, students assimilate the basics of the music business, marketing, and making money. Lastly, in the Discover program, students explore musings and inspiration.

Its Modalities

Sound Fly has three different program modalities: subscription, mentored courses, and custom membership. To begin with, the subscription program gives students unlimited access to premium content. Not only that, but it gives them the possibility of participating in an online community of musicians. In addition, students can choose between a monthly or an annual subscription. In second place, the mentored courses give students the opportunity to get expert support through the entire experience. For instance, the Sound Fly staff pairs each student with a mentor. In other words, this figure will help him/her reach their own personal goals. Finally, the custom membership grants students the possibility of customizing their own learning experience as they work at their own pace.

Sound Fly: Conclusion

By enrolling to Sound Fly, potential artists obtain personalized attention, weekly guided activities, and feedback. Moreover, they have access to high-quality content, flexibility, real-time support, and resources. Even more so, they get tips to achieve a greater learning experience, as well as a fabulous investment in their music careers.