The Los Angeles Recording School

The Los Angeles Recording School is a music production school that offers several programs. Examples are audio production, music production, and music production online. In addition, this institution offers an Associate of Science in Music Production program. Specifically, this is for artists who want to sharpen their recording skills. This program allows students to acquire the necessary tools and strategies to become confident when creating and producing their masterpieces.

Los Angeles Recording School: The Courses

The Los Angeles Recording School offers high-quality education with the latest music technology. To exemplify this, this institution offers three different courses: the Associate and Bachelor of Science in Audio Production, an Associate of Science in Music Production, and a Music Production Online Degree.

A Description

Firstly, the Associate and Bachelor of Science in Audio Production program allows students to explore audio. They do so in several areas of everyday life while they learn about sequencing, synthesis, and mixing concepts and techniques. In short, it allows students to create and produce amazing masterpieces with great confidence. Additionally, this degree offers students the possibility to apply the latest digital music technology. The reason is that it focuses on recording, mixing, and mastering.

Secondly, the Music Production Online Degree is designed for both beginners and successful artists. This program is about the foundations of the music industry. In it, students use different media applications with the latest technology. As graduates, students will be able to manage both analog and digital consoles in professional recording studios.

Los Angeles Recording School: the Studios

The Los Angeles Recording School has different studios. To begin with, it has an SSL Duality Studio and Digital Production Suites with a top-quality workstation software. Moreover, it has a Foley/ADR Suite with a variety of surfaces and materials for creating and recording live-performed sound effects. Similarly, it presents plenty digital mixing rooms with the ultimate technology. But the possibilities don’t end here.

This school has a studio that features an API 1608 analog console and five analog production studios. Furthermore, it offers a studio with a dual-function console. This console combines digital control and touchscreen technology with the warmth of the Neve analog hardware. Another studio they have works especially for mixing and overdubbing. In addition, there’s an audio system technology lab. This is where students learn to design, wire, install, and maintain both analog and digital equipment used in the modern audio industry.


The Los Angeles Recording School offers high-quality education. As a result, their graduates create their own path towards success within the music industry.