NYU Steinhardt

NYU Steinhardt offers several degrees in Music Technology. Some of these include a BM in Music Technology; a BM, MM, or PhD in Music Technology; a MM Music Technology with an Advanced Certificate in Tonmeister Studies; and an Advanced Certificate in Tonmeister Studies. In this entry we’ll explore what each of these entail.

NYU Steinhard: BM in Music Technology

Firstly, the BM in Music Technology offers a solid foundation in music and music technology, as its name suggests. By enrolling, students will have access to intern at major recording studios and media companies in New York City. Specifically, it is a full-time program in which students learn about music and take specialized classes in different technologies: recording, electronic music, and audio, just to mention a few.

BM/MM in Music Technology

Secondly, the BM/MM in Music Technology is a Bachelor of music and master. This dual degree allows students to pursue their career in sound engineering, audio software development, multimedia, or screen scoring. By enrolling in this full-time program, students can intern at major NY recording studios. Similarly, they can do so in media companies and performance venues too.

MM in Music Technology

Thirdly, the MM in Music Technology offers a solid foundation for doctoral studies in several fields. For example, these include audio engineering, sound editing, production and post-production, signal processing, and audio mastering. By enrolling in this part-time or full-time program, students can work at prestigious recording studios and media companies.

NYU Steinhard: MM Music Technology + Tonmeister Studies

Furthermore, the MM Music Technology with an Advanced Certificate in Tonmeister Studies is a dual degree. Its design is for those who want to specialize in recording productions and live music broadcasts. By enrolling in this full-time program, students acquire the necessary skills to develop in the music production universe. Potential producers will learn various crucial things. For instance, there are the fundamentals of music technology, ear training for audio engineers, and the psychology of music.

Advanced Certificate in Tonmeister Studies 

Specifically, by enrolling in the Advanced Certificate in Tonmeister Studies, students learn to supervise technical and artistic professionals. This supervision occurs during the music production process, as well as in sound recordings and live broadcastings. Students learn to use the Tonmeister technology as they develop ear training and learn advanced audio production skills and techniques.

NYU Steinhardt: PhD in Music Technology

The PhD in Music Technology prepares students for research and teaching careers in music, sound, and technology. This program is either part-time or full-time. Importantly, it is quite flexible, allowing students to build a program based on their own areas of interest.