Middle Tennessee State University

Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) offers an Audio Production program that allows students to broaden their musical horizons. This program involves all areas regarding the audio production universe, even those unimaginable. 

MTSU includes professionals, award-winning acoustic design consultants, staff, alumni, and students. MTSU has amazing facilities that allow students to reach their musical dreams. MTSU gives students access to apply their knowledge by using recording and mixing consoles, audio software, sample libraries, as well as controllers. The MTSU facilities include two large music recording studios, three smaller recording studios, a post-production studio, a mastering lab, an electronic music lab, a digital audio workstation lab, a catch-all audio editing lab, as well as a live sound café.

Middle Tennessee State University allows students to learn while they practice. The hands-on learning experience allows potential artists to learn by doing. The Audio Production program includes a complete curriculum of choices for students to decide based on their interests. The course allows potential musicians to dig deep and gain both knowledge and experience in sound reinforcement, music recording and mixing, electronic music production, sound for picture, and much more. The program offers the possibility to achieve success in both theory and practice. It’s worth mentioning that, as a final task, at the end of the program graduates are encouraged to apply their learning skills on front of a live studio audience. 

MTSU offers a high-quality education program regarding the recording industry. By the end of the course, graduates will have crafted their own path and will have amazing tools and skills to keep growing within the music industry. It’s worth mentioning that this prestigious program offers students the possibility to pursue a B.S. degree with a major in Audio Production or choose from either of the following B.S. degrees: Commercial Songwriting or Music Business.