Recording Connection

Recording Connection offers a Logic Pro Electronic Music Production program that helps potential artists and producers achieve success. This course provides them with the necessary tools to gain high-quality understanding as well as the basic principles of electronic music production. This course is specifically designed for students who are interested in learning DJing, IDM, Hip Hop, and EDM. 

The Logic Pro Electronic Music Production course helps students to build their own musical creations in a unique way. It helps them build songs from scratch and turn dreams into realities. It helps them achieve musical success and share their masterpieces with the world. The Logic Pro Electronic Music Production program is designed for those aspiring artists, musicians, and producers who wish to learn the peculiarities of electronic music and create a path within. This 20-week course offers the right tools and strategies allowing students to build their careers and create their own electronic music. 

The Electronic Music program offers private in-person education in a real recording studio or music production room. It also offers online tutoring from professional producers. Students are able to choose between a part-time or a full-time program in a relaxed and flexible atmosphere. Students are required to choose a schedule based on their own needs and desires. The entire curriculum is divided into twenty sections, such as building relationships with music producers and professionals within the music industry, Logic Pro audio software that involves virtual instruments and plugins, an all about music section that allows students to learn the basics of arranging, sampling, FX processing, as well as basic harmony and melody composition. It also helps students gain experience with mixing and digital consoles, virtual instrument libraries, as well as outboard preamps and compressors. 

Recording Connection offers certificate programs such as audio engineering and music production, advanced audio, hip hop/beat making, live sound / live music, electronic music – Ableton, music producing, live DJ and music business. It also offers an audio certification workshop, which is quite popular within the music industry.