M-Audio Keystation Mini 32

Mixxin Academy

From music production to sequencing to playing virtual instruments, the M-Audio Kesystation Mini 32 is a simple yet powerful MIDI controller that is designed with performance in mind. its 32 velocity-sensitive synth-action keys and controls come very handily in a range of playable notes and comprehensive expression capabilities. You can create dynamic performances using its unique pitch-bend, sustain buttons and modulation controls using your Mac or PC. Its full range melodic keyboard will allow you to play anything from pumped-up bass lines to peaceful piano melodies with is octave controls.

Thanks to the size and weight that the M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 makes is mobile friendly. It can be your perfect travel companion if you are a musician on the go, or if you are playing live acts or performances, or even as a music producer adding an intuitive MIDI controller to your studio. The controller is powered by a USB-MIDI connector supporting iOS connectivity with Apple iPad camera connection kit making it even more versatile by letting you perform and compose on you iPad.

The Keystation 32 is Ableton Live Lite ready, which is a very popular performance and production software. Ableton software is included with the Keystation Mini 32 letting you compose, record, remix, impro and edit right away. Also included is Pro Tools First Download enabling you to utilize this amazing recording software to create, record and share across the world at any time. Touch Loops is also included in and is designed to inspire your music production, providing pro samples and sound to add to your mix. So if you want to enhance your song simply log in to your M-Audio account and download this incredible value.

The M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 requires a Macintosh Intel Mac with at least OS X 10.9 and 2GB RAM, though 4GB RAM is recommended. For PC, Windows 7, Windows 10 is supported with the Intel Core 2 Duo GHz Processor with at least 2GB RAM or 4GB RAM as recommended.