Korg is a software synth collection that intends to reproduce iconic synthesizer beloved masterpieces. This complete bundle offers a wide array of plugins for modern electronic music production. In addition, it provides an extensive library of sounds that transform the music production experience into an amazing practice. Users benefit from a nearly perfect emulation of classic synths as well as virtual instruments. All in all, it offers a wide variety of synthesizers that fit into simple software.

The Revolution of Classical Synths: Korg

Korg revolutionizes the most classical synths as an attempt to authentically reproduce the most beloved masterpieces of all times. Each update offers amazing innovations; both sound and music creators admire them. The combination of plugins achieves a consistently high sound and excellent performance quality. This bundle provides high-definition graphics from a modern display atmosphere. Also, it delivers different scalability levels. In short, this is a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface.

Korg and the Machines

Korg uses top technology for both analog and digital machines. Moreover, it brings sounds to life in an organic way. This plugin collection is the greatest showcase of legendary sounds across times, according to some experts. It offers many improvements and new features for modern music creations. Its plugins inspire new and experienced users.


Korg features a wide collection of plugins that make the music production process a more enjoyable experience. The collection of plugins is outstanding: it offers amazing sounding presets that you can use for almost any musical project. Similarly, it presents composers and producers with a huge library of superb sounds in an easy-to-use plugin software. It is a simple and accessible software that makes synthesis accessible. However, it has no signal inputs. Overall, the Korg collection is great for both beginners and professional and it offers remarkable value. These plugins run great on both iOS and Windows.