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Akai MPC One Retro Edition

The new MPC One Retro gives us the cutting edge standalone workflow of MPC with the great gens of the incredible MPC 60, MPC 3000 and MPC 2000 drum machines, conveying a really immortal music generation involvement. The MPC has continuously been a significant portion of modern music-making. Test and pattern-based music generation have formed…
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Novation Launchpad X

The Launchpad X from Novation is a 64 MIDI pad controller made to perform in Ableton Live. With it, you will have the essentials to let you create a great sounding track using its super colourful RGB pads. It has dynamic note and scale modes and superior mixing controls. Novation called it the essential controller,…
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Best Music Making Apps for Android

Mobile music making has become more and more popular with time, and mobile music software has become much more advance and capable or producing great-sounding beats and tracks. We are going to list some of the best music-making apps that are currently out that and are designed specifically for Android users. FL STUDIO MOBILE is…
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Generate More Income As a Producer

If you are a producer and your skillset is sampling and general music production, this article is for you. So you want to generate some extra cash, this might be interesting to you. It really doesn’t matter if you are specialized on a specific musical genre or style, there is always someone looking for some…
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Sample Triggering, Cycle Random and Round Robin

Within the music universe, sampling is referred to as a reused portion of a sound recording in another recording. It’s worth mentioning that sampling dates back to 1980 and is the foundation of the hip-hop music genre. Within electronic music, universe samples are played again and again, especially when focusing on high-hats and cymbals. To…
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