Improve Your Electronic Music Production

music production knowledge

Classic Sounds, Kick and Base, Arrangements and Practice.

A simple and effective way to set your production efforts high is to try and go against the big production companies, if you do this, the challenge will make sure you do better each time. The basic principle of music-making or music production is that you have to enjoy making it, electronic music is just one time of music genre but we suggest that you explore other music genres to inspire yourself and to open your horizons. It all can become challenging at times, with so much equipment and software out there, but keep in mind that no one masters the art on the first try. Take your time to learn and understand your equipment.

Make sure you get to know the classic sounds of past eras, no matter how modern and complex electronic music may sound to you but the reality is that all these modern sounds have a deep connection with classic sounds from the past. If you can grasp the sound difference and uniqueness of sounds like pianos, drums and guitars, it will help you to understand music production, creation and will make you find your unique sound easier. Another aspect that is of high importance when it comes to electronic music production is the kick and base, they are the foundation and they can make or unmake your track.

Knowing how to work them both and understand the techniques that are used to process them in the right way will definitely enhance your tracks. Master these aspects and make sure they don’t clash and avoid to play them simultaneously, learn about side-chain compression and apply it when needed. Track arrangement is so important you should pay special attention to this because it can mean listener attraction or avoidance. Structure your tracks, take time arranging them, look for mention and realise, create a flow that can bee tracked and aligned.

Remember that practice makes the master, explore the genre and other genres too. The best way to improve your music production skills is to practice and practice, even if you are taking an online course. Know that knowledge will be useless without you putting what you have learned into practice, produce.

Image: Kristina