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EchoBoy is the ultimate echo plug-in that packs decades of echo devices in a single unit. Soundtoys is obsessed about echo and with the Echoboy, they have created an echo divide that has features from the past, present and feature. The vintage tone that is featured in the Echoboy plugin is made up of a deep collection of vintage gear that has the real essence of all-time favourite echo boxes. With 30 built-in styles, get access to a vast range of classic tones like the famous Echoplex, Space Echo, DM-2 and more.

Turn up the volume because the EchoBoy can take it. Considered a holy grail of guitar chorus pedals the CE-1 chorus has ben emulated and added to the EchoBoy. Soundtoys have also modelled other gear to go beyond the standard delay stompboxes and Studio Tape gear like the ATR-102 track machine for some smooth and warm saturation. With the EchoBoy, it is fast and simple to get expressive musical echo effects without going through the process like in vintage gear. Dile in your musical note and lock it to the tempo of your song.

The EchoBoy plugin gives you a level of control like no other echo box. When you finetune the power of the plugin to rhythm and groove, feel and accent the real magic happens. Paired with expressive tools, this plug-in is easy to use, and incredibly versatile. It offers several features to explore like the simple Echo Mode, Ping-Pong modes, Stereo Echo, Rythm mode and the Echo style editor. The Rhythm Echo mode is a completely new experience with its 16 read heads, it makes it unique. Deeply customize with the Style Editor for a set of creative tools.

Image: Soundtoys