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The Decapitator is an analog saturation modeler, by Soundtoys, that makes subtle to hard hardware modeled saturation to your mixes. Let us explain. We can say that saturation is what makes all analog hardware sound so pleasing and musical for listeners. With the combination of the sound of tubes, circuitry, and transistors taken to their limit, we get the recipe for fantastic sounding analog recordings. For instance, one normally uses saturation to boost things up. However, you can also make them delicate, edge sound, or give some warmth. Similarly, there’s the possibility of eliminating elements out of the mix, and more importantly, creating unique sounds.

Decapitator: Features

With the Decapitator modeler, you get five different analog saturation models. These are perfect for designing your own character to your sound and instruments. If you add this to your mixes, you’ll control and shape that saturated sound to blend-in dry signals and parallel processing. Moreover, there’s no need for complicated routing and sub-mixes. Simply combine and use the Decapitaror’s flexibility and reliability. With the changing responsive models of this modeler, the sound of analog hardware is not just what you get, but also what you feel as well. Experts perfectly modeled the tubes, wires, and transistor to get those subtle changes to the reaction of your tracks and dynamic instruments.

Decapitator can also become harsh. If you’re not looking for subtle and delicate sounds, this modeler has what it takes to give some screaming pain to distortion. In order to let things go and punish your sounds, Soundtoys has added a punish button. Specifially, it kicks in extra gain to push your sound over the de edge—just like a grate old analog gear. Therefore, we encourage you to use the push button with vocals, drums, synths, guitars. You can do so, too, with anything that comes to your hands that needs a little push or is too soft for your liking.

Image: Soundtoys