Soudtoys features a broad collection of music production plugins and audio effects in a single software. This plugin collection includes powerful tools verified by professional engineers that allow users to transform vocals, recreate classic studio pitch, chorus, and widening effects, get a virtual history of echo and delay, and transform modulation with beat-synced rhythmic effects.

Soundtoys includes an effect rack that combines individual plugins and transforms them into a virtually limitless creative multi-effects system. The software allows users to personalize effect chains and define a signature sound. It helps producers achieve the perfect combination of effects offering the possibility to treat the entire rack as a single plugin. 

The Soundtoys plugin collection offers users to explore a wide range of alternatives and the possibility to play around with different effects. The software helps users create customized modulated reverbs, over-the-top delays, and peculiar ambience effects that would be practically impossible to achieve in most DAWs. The effect rack is capable of refining the workflow by displaying an automatic and personalized effect processing chain with a simple click.

The Soundtoys software enables users to work freely and get instant inspiration with a wide array of built-in effects. It includes access to special circuit-level controls and the possibility to create exclusive modulation patterns. This collection of plugins equip users with amazing editing features, as well as customizable effects that can be incorporated to any project. 

Soundtoys includes an array of Low-Frequency Oscillators that offer several modulation effects. It also involves a Rhythmic Editor that works like a rhythmic modulation sequencer. The Soundtoys plugin collection includes features specifically designed for modern studios. The audio effect plugins contained in this software combine classic and modern twists, bringing color, character, and creativity to any digital music studio. 

The Soundtoys software features a great collection of plugins that transform the music production experience. The software works on iOS and Windows and is supported by Pro Tools, Live, Cubase, Nuendo, Sonar, Logic, and Digital Performer.