Ardour is an open-source DAW that includes destructive and non-destructive editing tools, nonlinear editing, limitless MIDI and audio tracks, plugin automation, a mixing interface, and video playback. It is perfect for recording, editing, composing, producing, mixing, and mastering. 

Ardour is a simple software with a nice audio interface. It allows users to import MIDI and audio from several sources. It includes a wide variety of high-quality tools that help users achieve perfection within the music production business. The software is quite flexible, and it offers a broad collection of plugins and external control surfaces that allow users to have complete control over their projects. 

Audio engineers, musicians, soundtrack editors, and composers benefit from this fully equipped DAW. Ardour is considered one of the best recording tools for talented performers as it encourages creativity and inspiration. The software also provides a quick and natural environment for creating and editing soundtracks, as well as the possibility to organize MIDI and audio using exceptional tools and a familiar workflow. 

While using Ardour, users are able to manipulate different formats of tracks and busses. The software includes plugins with full sample-accurate automation and an OSC to drive almost any operation within the DAW. It incorporates a powerful signal routing and the possibility to import videos and extract the soundtrack from them. 

Ardour is a great alternative when it comes to choosing an appropriate DAW. This complete DAW is considered one of the best music production software. It offers amazing sound quality and it is created by a team of programmers, recording engineers, and musicians. This DAW is available for iOS, Windows, and Linux. The downside? Ardour is a time-consuming software that offers minor assistance when building source code. Users need a source code in order to install the DAW. At first glance, Ardour appears to be amazing software, but the learning process is quite complex.