Mixbus is a professional DAW for recording, editing, mixing, and mastering music. Its design works with an analog paradigm that embodies function, form, and sound. In general terms, it is a complete DAW with true analog style mixing.

Mixbus: a Bit of History

Harrison Audio Consoles, the company that created Mixbus, first developed a fully automated, digitally controlled analog mixer technology. This has been widely popular in many movies and records worldwide. Audio technology improved and analog processors turned into digital processors. However, the Mixbus control surface remained the same. For this to happen, Harrison Audio Consoles had to develop a digital audio engine that worked and sounded like an analog mixer. To do so, they integrated it to high-end mixers. Through this particular DAW, opportunity strikes over and over again.

Mixbus DSP Mixer

The design of the Mixbus DSP mixer serves to work accurately with dynamics, filters, equalizers, and bus summing. Mixbus offers great tools and strategies to produce amazing high-quality recordings. It has gained popularity because it is compatible with several operating systems, including iOS, Linux, and Windows. In addition, this DAW is compatible with many plugins, such as VST, AU, and LV2. Its software offers the possibility to save and share finished musical material with a simple click. Even more so, it provides professional tools and features that allow users to import, record, edit, mix, and master limitless audio and MIDI tracks for a complete performance. 

Mixbus’s Collection of Tools

Mixbus offers a wide collection of tools to aid with the music production process. To begin with, the straightforward knob per function mixer layout is a unique feature of Harrison’s consoles. In addition, this DAW includes precision algorithms for compression, filter, summing, equalization, and analog tape saturation. Furthermore, it offers tools to achieve great sound quality, limitless stereo and mono input channels, unlimited MIDI tracks. Similarly, it has a Stereo Master Bus, automatic plugin delay compensation.

Mixbus also includes the possibility to measure peak, peak hold, and compression gain reduction. Plus, it involves several editing tools and a True Analog Mixing processing engine with enhanced compressor and limiter algorithms. Accordingly, it has a built-in sidechain bussing and increased plugin flexibility.

Almost Like Tape Machines

This DAW operates smoothly. Its recording works like tape machines: it includes several export features as well as a wide array of advanced features that helps users achieve perfection. The user-friendly interface adapts to diverse monitors and plugins and it allows producers to play on a refined workflow with magnificent graphics. Updates include more advanced features and enhance previous ones. The newest Mixbus version incorporates a smoother operation, better looping, and extensive latency compensation. Also, it involves cue monitoring, foldback buses, a Cut Tool that splits regions, the possibility to organize, locate and recover previous recordings, and a virtual MIDI keyboard.


Mixbus is a great alternative when it comes to choosing an appropriate DAW. This is one of the best music production software. It offers amazing sound quality, it is user-friendly, and it is affordable.