Originality, Mix Reference and Sample Production Techniques.

music production knowledge

Producing electronic music these days may seem easy and straight forward, the reality is that it can be, but there are several aspects that one has to keep in mind and pay special attention when starting or polishing tracks before you call them ready. The spectrum between a simple ensemble of elements and a real production can be far apart. Originality is key and always has been, but be sure to listen to your favourite artist and learn what they have created, try not to copy sound but technique and try not to end up in and caught up in the bubble, make your way and find your own direction in the seen.

These days it can become really easy to use other producers sounds, in any giving genre. with millions of sound packs, samples, and expansions all producers find them selfs working on the same sound, but that doesn’t matter because, with minor adjustments paired to your own colour and creativity, the same sound can get transformed to something absolutely unique.

You can call it danger when you get stuck or cough up whiles producing your tracks, some call it the danger bubble referring to a loss of direction to what you originally wanted to take your track or music. Mix reference can help you keep going in the same lane and in the right direction to check the mix you are working on. A spectrum analyzer can give you a reference of what you are working on.

Another way to improve your overall music production skills is to listen to others to understand their technics. Find the sound you like and try to recreate it, this will enhance your skills and will make you much more proficient in interpreting what you have in your head to transmit it to your tracks.

Image: WSC