Altiverb is a reverb plugin that uses sampled impulse responses of real spaces and studio gear to place sound signals in a wide variety of authentic spatial situations. This plugin works great on guitars, strings, pianos, vocals and other acoustic sources. An authentic real-world reverb effect can be mimicked by combining the impulse response with the audio input. Overall, Altiverb offers unique effects and it is very easy-to-use.

The Altiverb plugin includes a simple contemporary layout that allows producers to easily access the most used controls and hide the deeper ones away in slide-down drawers. Presets and IRs can be accessed through a picture browser, but presets can’t be searched. It’s worth mentioning that this plugin offers flat and VR images that complement each IR. IRs can be organized in several ways and searched by name or keyword. They can also be tagged as favorites, having quicker access to them. 

The Altiverb plugin includes an automatable parameter that helps users automate the IR selection. It contains a fully synthesized algorithmic secondary reverb which adds a wonderful brightness to sounds. It also includes a gate onboard that can lengthen the pre-delay and attack parameters. Equalization is an intuitive feature within this plugin due to an interactive graphical EQ curve. Speed and depth can be controlled by using the modulation knobs included in the plugin. Drag-and-drop is an extremely useful feature that helps users load any file as an IR. Altiverb contains a huge, powerful, versatile, and unique library of IRs. This plugin also enables users to create their own IRs by firing suitable sounds into the interface. 

Altiverb is a fun user-friendly plugin that works wonders within the post-production process. It is amazing when playing mixes back through diverse sound systems. Altiverb is a must-have tool that offers an extraordinary sounding reverb with plenty of alternatives. This plugin is available for both iOS and Windows.