Geist is a drum machine plugin that includes a powerful modulation system, a polyrhythmic sequencing mode, as well as the ability to merge entire tracks. The Geist plugin is user-friendly once the producer surpasses the learning curve.

Geist offers a self-contained sample-based groove box with a wide library of beats. This plugin is an MPC-style pad-based groove DAW that can be used for sampling, sequencing, and song construction. It includes a series of eight engines built into the same interface. Users can run several virtual instruments one after the other. Each engine contains several pads, and each pad includes a variety of stacked sample layers which can be triggered using round robins, split by velocity, of randomly chosen. It’s worth mentioning that Global, Pad, and Layer can each host several built-in effects and have their own mixer. 

The Geist plugin includes a live sampling feature with a direct-to-pad recording of external signals, as well as automatic, non-destructive slicing loops across the pads. Sequencing of pads is achieved by using a well-known pattern sequencer that stores up to 24 patterns of 1024 steps each. This pattern sequencer contains automation lanes for panning, volume, time-shifting, and tuning. Patterns can be classified into scenes and looped manually. They can also be looped in real-time to achieve a full-on production environment. 

The latest version of the Geist plugin includes a new easy-to-use interface that can be resized without affecting the graphical quality. The original Geist content stayed intact, but several enhancements and many additions were added. The latest edition includes an entire new library of samples, kits, and projects. 

The Geist plugin is not all that intuitive, but it provides a highly functional, creative and fast workflow. Overall, the Geistdrum machine plugin is worth trying, and it is available for both iOS and Windows.