Serum is an advanced wavetable synth plugin that includes dual wavetable oscillators with a wide range of blending and morphing styles. It contains amazing unison voicing, a huge library of filter types, a highly intuitive modulation system, a full-on wavetable editor, as well as several spectacular effects modules. Serum provides a wonderful array of high-quality sounds and effects.

Serum offers sounds of exceptional quality, amazing visual effects, and a creative workflow. This plugin contains a highly intuitive interface that allows artists to create and alter sounds in a fun way. Serum helps users achieve musical production perfection with amazing tools that transform boring tasks into a remarkable experience. The Serum plugin offers the ability to create, import, edit, morph and manipulate wavetables on playback in real-time. 

The built-in editor assists users in creating their own wavetables with ease. Serum also allows musicians to import single-cycle wavetables or many as once since it has built-in sorting options as well as manual re-ordering. Users can morph between several wavetables, draw directly on the waveform, and create or alter specific waveforms. Waveforms can also be customized with several formula functions to achieve other tasks. 

Serum’s ultra-clean oscillators operate with high-precision resampling and high-quality playback. When using the Serum plugin, producers are able to notice what they hear and what they don’t hear. The modulation system contained in this plugin helps users drag-and-drop connections between mod sources and destinations. Serum’s interface has two approaches for creating and altering different modulations. Producers can choose between neat or fast and easy. 

The Serum plugin includes real-time wavetable manipulation. Users can modify the waveform or personalize their own table manipulations. This plugin also contains several filter types, including phasers, flangers, dual filters, and comb filters, which can key-track to the selected musical note. Serum includes effects rack with several effects modules. These effects can be re-organized to please each user. It’s worth mentioning that all effect parameters can be used as modulation destinations, which is quite helpful on monophonic synth sounds. 

The Serum plugin allows artists to stack a single oscillator to use several voices. Stack settings also help users to achieve a fuller sound for a single note-press within the note layering process. Serum offers advanced unison tuning modes per-oscillator, which help producers get the perfect stack sound. 

Serum is a flexible, clean sounding, high-quality plugin that is a must-have within the music production universe. Serum provides a wonderful working atmosphere for both beginners and professionals and can be used on both iOS and Windows.