Reaktor is a plugin that allows users to patch virtual signals together to make new creations. This plugin helps producers build anything from a simple delay effect to a full workstation virtual musical instrument. Reaktor contains several presets that resemble a wide variety of instruments and effects. It includes a full built-in library, as well as mid-level modular-style component organized as blocks. 

Reaktor is a creative toolkit that inspires users to achieve sound perfection for their mixes. It is an amazing sound exploration plugin that uses cutting-edge DSP and high-fidelity sound. This plugin is designed especially for sound makers that are looking for a challenge. It enables users to have full control of their musical masterpieces and create endless projects by using simple tools. Reaktor offers a distinctive sound quality as well as the possibility to connect with other devices through MIDI, OSC, and CV/Gate connectivity. This plugin can be used on almost any DAW and it includes many integrated performance setups which allow users to create their own touch strips, parameter mappings, and custom displays. 

The latest version of Reaktor includes several innovative features, such as Patch, Play and Build setups. The Patch feature allows users to establish a modular-style setup using virtual patch cables, while the Play feature enables users to launch a whole instrument or effect contained within the plugin. Reaktor also includes a collection of modular components, as well as a preview of a wide variety of built-in instruments. The plugin also allows users to make their own creations. 

The Reaktor plugin is a very powerful tool that provides a flexible environment for custom instruments and effects. It inspires artists to create amazing projects with endless options. This plugin offers unique features that help users craft their own musical masterpieces, as it offers the possibility to customize existing presets. Reaktor is available for both iOS and Windows.