Moog Grandmother

music production hardware

Over the decades, Moog has become one of the most renowned names in sound synthesis. Today we bring another great synthesizer worth talking about: the Moog Grandmother. This particular one is a semi-modular analog synthesizer that has a built-in arpeggiator, a sequencer, and a super spring reverb. It has 32 keys and a couple of shared components from the Model 15 and the Minimoog. In addition, it’s simple to use, yet powerful. Its magic is that it allows musicians of any skill to get involved in analog synthesis. Moreover, it has a reconfigurable front panel and is fully MIDI-ready. This, in particular, makes it even more interesting because it allows you to customize patches even further.

Moog Grandmother: Features

The Moog Grandmother is available in the multicoloured scheme or the all dark-series edition. (The latter we like and think it looks mean. With it, you’ll be able to record and playback your sequences with up to 256 notes each. As a consequence, you’ll be adding lush and expansive ambience to any sound. Playing this synth will take you back to Moog’s roots. Plus, it will remind you that synthesis is not only about looking for the end result, but for a fascination of what lies in between the journey and experimentation. Succintoly, there are three very important elements of this synthesize. Firstly, it’s completely analog. Secondly, there are the sound and mod engines. Thirdly, there’s the fabulous spring reverb. Together, they make for such an extensive sonic vocabulary and great for any music production station.

Another one of the great features about the Moog Grandmother is that, to play it, you don’t have to have previous patching knowledge to enjoy great sound. But, if you are, exploring and discovering modules will make this synthesizer stand out. If you want to add something else to the mix, it’s also an analog audio processor for external sound sources. As you can tell, this is another great reason to have such a fantastic device in your home or studio.

Image: Moog