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SoundWeaver by Boom Interactive is an advanced sound layering plug-in that automates and randomizes some of the parts of your sound design workflow. The plug-in works by automatically aligning and layering your sound helping you to create more and work less. The plug-in has been created with a resolution for a situation in mind, and that is to create variations of sound with automated pitching, shifting and element switching of original sound sources. With its easy controls and particular interface, it will require no time to get hold of these time-consuming steps just ready for you to listen and pick the ones you like.

The creative process will thrive with new combinations, once your library has grown to a certain point, there is not much experimenting you can do manually. With SoundWeavers randomize feature it can generate some serious combinations that you wouldn’t think are possible. This is like opening pandora’s box with a whole new world of possibilities and the perfect way to start a new sound or music project. Some of the key features that SoundWeaver has are an easy drag and drop folder workflow and keyword search, pitch, offset, gain, shuffle and switch, plus many export options.

The plug-in can search your entire sound library with the help of keywords to find perfect matching sounds for your project. The sounds are grouped, layered and split into regions ready for individual sound tweaking. The plug-in can also take snapshots, drag and drop projects into your DAW for editing and exporting your final project. The plug-in can generate various variations for your unique project during export via pitch and offset readily for randomization. The system requires for the plug-in are a Windows computer with at least Windows 7 on 64 bit and an intel core i5 with 8 GB. For Mac users OS X 10.9 with the same Intel Core i5 and 8GB of Ram.

Image: Boom Interactive