Neumann TLM 103 Microphone

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The Neumann TLM 103 microphone is a modern classic that has been qualified as one of the best microphones out there. It is the perfect tool to work with vocals, instruments and more. It comes with no surprise that the TLM 103 is Neumann’s best seller. The design is based on the legendary U 87 that is characterized for giving voice a superior presence and extremely low noise. The TLM 103 is a pro recording tool that can be used in your home studio or on the go.

The amazingly quiet self-noise of the TLM 103 is respected as a turning point until nowadays. In specialized terms: a clamour level of fair 7 dB(A). In other words: the TLM 103 is so low noise that even the faintest subtleties ended up capable of being heard. Hence, it is superbly suited for vocals and sound dramatization productions in high definition as well as for requesting samples production and instrumental recordings.

Neumann prepared the TLM 103 with a really wide presence boost in 6 to 15 kilohertz, which makes a difference in the voice cut through the mix. The TLM 103 offers everything requesting users may wish for nuanced vocals with exact propagation of sibilants and fabulous discourse comprehensible. The sound character of the TLM 103 cannot deny its origin: It’s a part shows within the advancement, the handle was Neumann’s U 87, which is respected as the reference mouthpiece in studios around the globe. After nearly two decades, the TLM 103 has ended up a present-day classic itself which sets modern benchmarks with its characteristic nearness and its amazingly low self-noise.

TLM arrangement works with a transformerless output arrange. This implies a clean and coordinated sound, exceptionally “close” to the acoustic source, and a capable bass transmission all the way down to the least frequencies. Its transformerless output organisation moreover makes the receiver safe to electromagnetic areas and minimizes transmission misfortunes.

Image: Neumann