Neumann KH 80 DSP

With its computerized core, the KH 80 DSP can give you sifting capacities and room alteration choices, which brings reference level generation to any environment where the monitors sit. Even with its compact plan and design, it has uncommon save capacity – as well as the classic qualities of the Neumann monitor reasoning: clearly characterized scattering point, distortion-free plan and advanced fabric selection. The Neumann designers know each subtlety, each point and each wave reflection of the KH 80 DSP. It sounds so immaculate since they are coordinating each sound wave so absolutely. The KH 80 DSP’s plan is based on computer recreations that calculate with a level of exactness that no one other than Neumann does.

The Numerical Modeled Scattering Waveguide (MMD) gives the studio arrangement with a strong base for exact sound heading that remains one of a kind. Maths has never sounded so good. it may be a venture studio, an exterior broadcast van, a corner at work or fair a brick building: The room characterizes the sound. Surfaces and corners within the room cause interference, diffraction, reflection, and refraction: all are shapes of mutilation. For an extremely genuine sound, without acoustic-physical “accidents”, you regularly need expensive gear furthermore bounty of time and mastery to adjust it accurately – or savvy calculations. A straightforward alteration to the screen position (free-standing, small/medium/large work area) is conceivable through the raise “Acoustical Control” switch.

most elevated quality components, high-end assurance frameworks and control saves are what you’d anticipate from this studio course product even beneath the foremost requesting circumstances. Its plan makes the KH 80 DSP a flexible near-field monitor, which conveys professional-quality sound wherever you wish it – in venture and music studios, altering and broadcasting rooms or in exterior broadcast vans. A few of our clients like it so much, they utilize the KH 80 DSP in their living rooms. Why not? After all, the KH 80 DSP conveys computerized exactness for a perfect work of art of analogue innovation: your ears.

Image: Neumann