Phaser Bi-Tron

music production knowledge

Arturia has rebuilt the humble and famous pedal phaser which was on the firs actually available guitar effect that where on the market at that time, Thanks to its modulation all-pass filters and simple structure the sound that it emitted was recognizable by many. In this case, the Mu-Tron Bi-Phase was also the fist dual-phase modulator and was used by great bands like the Smashing Pumpkins, Prince and Kraftwerk. Thanks to Arturia’s true analogue emulation technology, they managed to recreate this prized handmade effector with an in detail plug that becomes an analogue dream ready for your virtual music production studio.

The Phaser Bi-Tron is much more than just a phase, it is a concept from the original hardware that has been multiplied, expanded and has been pushed to other limits. It features 2 sweep generations that have two independent LFOs with switching waveforms and tempo sync. The dual 12-stage phasor circuits can play with independent feedback and modulations sources control that in combination with the manual pedal control you can get some great expression features than can also manipulate LFO rates and the Phase circuitry.

Choosing your route can be selected via mono or stereo series or in parallel. By doing this you get an impressive modulation palette that gives you such a distinctive sonic character and style. Onboard you get a selection of 37 presents that enable you to instant access to phaser heaven. This Phaser software can be used in all major DAWS to add some colourful modulation to your music productions and tracks. If you are looking form some character sounds that are warm and analogue like with some stereo richness, this effects has to be part of your setup or mix.

Image: Arturia