VOID: Perfect Rhythms

Music Production Knowledge

VOID by UJAM is a virtual drum and bass beat-maker plugin designed to create superb tracks. With VOID, the perfect rhythms are just a single note away! Whatever note you input will give you a different loop. As a result, you’ll have enchanting drum patterns.

Why We Like VOID

Straight hard-hitting beats don’t always get you what you need. Give it some heavy syncopation. VOID gives you the elements to create the perfect breakbeats without the need for samplers, beat slicing, or monotonous rearranging. With just a few notes you can craft some great fills and breakdowns to mesmerize your listeners.

Key Features

Some of the features included in VOID are the unique VORTEX control that combines a notch filer sweep and a little compression, letting you create some seriously mind-blowing ups and downs. With 10 partitioned packs, 12 smart-mix presets, 20 styles, and 50 presets, you simply get it done. VOID is a top-notch device to stick together your dirtiest leads, soft pads, and pounding basslines. Consequently, the main focus with VOID is to keep it simple for you to focus on your music.

Focus on Your Music!

UJAM makes a difference so you can center on the music as it were an imperative thing—because it is an imperative thing. VOID is the following portion in UJAM’s proceeding mission to form the finest conceivable instruments accessible to performers and makers. They, too, shorten the seriously learning bend to chance your ability to create music. This is the easiest instrument plugin that is accessible for making complex DnB rhythms on command. Therefore, using VOID will come to you perfectly even if you have never worked on drum and bass.

Windows users need at least Windows 7 (or later). Mac users, OS X 10.11 (or later). Both work on 64-bit only and require a minimum of 4 GB of Ram.

Image: UJAM