Nepheton by D16

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Nepheton, by D16, is a plugin that honors the 808 drum machine. It emulates all the details and nuances you can expect from its inspiration. This plugin holds 17 completely synthesized instruments. Nepheton captures all the nuances and subtle elements of their sounds perfectly. Moreover, D16 made sure that the models for Nepheton’s instruments have with additional controls. This, in the end, gives you the plausibility to change sounds in an improved fashion.

Nepheton’s Setup

Nepheton features an adaptable yield setup. You can route each instrument’s sound flag to any of the 12 outputs. This permits you to assist shape sounds either independently or in bunches by means of their top choice plugins. Mono or stereo are the two individual outputs. For the most prominent 808 fans, D16 included the original Trigger output. Every instrument also incorporates Mute and Solo buttons. First, mute does not only silences the sound; it also avoids its activation. Secondly, Solo impedes the activation of all other instruments and allows the chosen sound(s) to be played.

Nepheton’s Main Functions

Nepheton has broad midi control. On the one hand, the user can employ midi notes to trigger each sound. On the other, there is the inside sequencer. The inner sequencer’s memory contains two banks of designs: simple and extended. Of these, 16 are expanded and 96 simple. You can alter them customarily with the step buttons or the tap work. Additionally, inside the sequencer you will fin a Randomizer function. This function is useful to create simple and direct changes to a design or to make an entirely new one.

Our Recommendation

Nepheton comes perfect when you need an inspiration boost. There is so much more to this plugin that we recommend you try it out and explore its sonic possibilities for yourself. As you can see, it is a fantastic—and convenient—homage.

Image: D16