FIT Controller

IT is the extreme hands-on control unit for the Waves eMotion LV1 live program blender. This gadget has been co-engineered by Waves Sound and masters MIDI control producer MIDI PLUS to offer live sound engineers natural material control of the world’s best live computer program mixer. Waves FIT’s fast and proficient operation is made conceivable with 16+1 motorized faders, each highlighting a shining show, as well as common controls like Quiet, Solo, Select, and a multi-function rotating control.

Fader layers offer devoted 1-8 layer switches for flipping between the 8 production line or custom layers within the Waves eMotion LV1 Live Mixer. 16 rotational controls can be set to control preamp pick up or container per channel with their name appeared within the show, and the 16 Select channel toggles can be set to ‘USER’ mode to supply simple get to Mute Groups and user-assignable keys with their content names shown. This flexible gadget too offers a Tap Beat pad, a Touch & Turn handle for controlling any eMotion LV1 parameter. Moreover, common LV1 capacities and modes can be controlled from the UTILITY area, where a few of the controlled capacities can be customized by the user.

FIT moreover underpins the HUI and Mackie conventions: it can serve as your controller of choice for Professional Devices, Rationale, Ableton Live and Cubase. FIT comes with four DAW-specific plastic covers, appearing which FIT button or handle controls which DAW parameter. FIT weighs as it were 9.43 lbs and can be fitted with rack ears into a 19” 7U rack space. The device’s raise associations incorporate a USB B for computer association, 12V 2A DC control input, and two 5v 0.5A USB outlets for Driven lighting.

Coordinated the world’s tip-top software live sound blender with an exceedingly instinctive control surface, for a material, hands-on encounter that keeps you in full command of your live blend. FIT joins 16+1 motorized 100mm faders which combine that commonplace hands-on feel with all the benefits of a software-based mixer.

Image: Waves Audio