The M1ACTIVE MK3 is a premium 5″ active studio monitor that has been designed and created by Alesis for you to create, listen and mix with confidence. Over the span of more than a decade, Alesis monitors have set up an advantageous, well-deserved reputation for exactness and steadfastness that made them a great choice for proficient utilize. The first best-selling M1 screens have culminated for nearly any circumstance. Our most recent era, the M1 Dynamic MK3, highlights progressions in-studio screen innovation that brings the Alesis M1 arrangement to an entire modern level of incredible unmatched proficient sound.

These studio monitors utilize an excellent modern 5-inch aluminium woofer that’s lighter and stiffer than ordinary carbon fibre, paper or glass-Aramid woofers, giving the MK3 an indeed speedier transitory assault and more direct reaction through the bass and midrange. Moreover, a precision-designed waveguide gives high-frequency scattering in a well-controlled, unsurprising design. This guarantees a broadened tuning in the “sweet spot”—even well to the side (“off-axis”) of the speaker—while at the same time avoiding arbitrary scrambling of the sound. The easily radiused “aerodynamic” cabinet edge avoids objectionably audible artefacts from edge diffraction and the flared front-firing bass ports kill diverting harbour turbulence from the speaker’s bass output.

With M1 Active MK3 studio monitors, you’ll tune in, blend, and make with complete certainty that you’ll get the foremost precise sound. The M1 Dynamic MK3 screens feature a wide recurrence reaction (from 55-22 kHz, ±3dB), so you’ll listen to all the music with the exact authenticity requested by today’s music. The M1 Dynamic MK3 too highlights a Course A/B 40-watt LF amplifier/25-watt HF intensifier for smooth, “gutsy” execution and liberal headroom compared to conventional “digital” speakers. Moreover, the adjusted XLR+1/4” combo input permits total hookup adaptability for all of your favourite studio hardware.

Image: Alesis