StudioLive 32SC by PreSonus

Mixxin Academy

The StudioLive 32SC is a professional mixing desk that enhances 32 channels in a really streamlined and compact way. You can mount it like a rack and easily scale it for grater applications for 16, 24, and 32 channels. And don’t let yourself be fooled by its size! This desk has a PreSonus FLEXDSP double core that feeds 40 mixing channels, 25 buses for mixing, and 286 preselected selectors in a simultaneous way. Measuring 17.59″ x 22.97″ and weighing at 23Lbs, it packs a ton of mixing features into a relatively small and lightweight package.

StudioLive 32SC: Characteristics

The construction is from a nice and solid metal with some plastic parts here and there. Moreover, the weight of the mixing console is lower than usual. The reason is the shape of the board and the angle of the surface. Additionally, this angle makes it easier to view everything when you’re sitting in front of it during your music production or sound engineering ventures.

Also, this fantastic board has 16 main inputs. Of these 16 inputs, eight are mic/line. The combination balances with XLR 1/4″ TRS jacks and eight that are Mic only XLR inputs. Furthermore, the StudioLive 32SC comes with a Class A XMAX preamp, which offers up to 60db of gain that sounds very good. These are clear and transparent sounding over most of their range. Additionally, you will find other interesting things in the backside of its panel. For example, there are six assignable mix outputs on XLR jack and four additional ones on a balanced 1/4″ TRS jacks.

With 128 (64×64) recording channels, USB and E/S AVB, this board can be your great companion. Overall, it is flexible and adaptable, merged with the studio-quality it can output. In conclusion, the StudioLive 32SC has plenty of features to kickstart any home studio like a pro.