Novation Lounchkey Mini Mk3

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One of the most compact keyboard and pad controllers designed to work with Ableton Live (and more)

The third redo of Novation’s famous Lounchkey Mini series is primed for Ableton Live, but you can easily map it to other Digital Audio Workstations. This MIDI keyboard is built-in with 16 RGB velocity-sensitive pads, includes eight assignable knobs and 25 velocity-sensitive mini keys. Combine this with the transport control and modulation and pitch touch strips and you will realize that getting the hang of the Lounchkey mini with your DAW and plugins is pretty easy.

With its 25 keys, you can get more experimental with the arp and fixed chords, which they are a blessing. These modes can let you simultaneously trigger multiple notes, either as a defined chord structure or as an arpeggio that you can hold infinitely. By holding the Shift and adjusting its controls on the Lounchkey Mini you’ll notice that you have control over these modes with the arpeggio timing, swing, and key. Particularly useful when using Ableton Lives clip view, the shift key will also let you dedicate what RGB pads represent. The MK· Lounchkey Mini is fabulous for anyone with a limited studio space or looking for a budget option for playing in a live performance. The connectivity on this device is via USB MIDI and power, 3.5mm TRS MIDI out, and a Sustain Pedal Input.

The LounchKey Mini MK3 Music Production Hardware has loads more functionality and control than you might think from a small unit like itself. The Arp and Chord features are great and the Live control is some top-notch stuff. Never judge a controller by its size. The Launchkey Mini Mk3 punches well above its weight and does a lot more than you might think. It’s a great Live controller with plenty of other creative features to complement your music production carrier.