Roland Revival: Drum Machines

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Forty years have passed since the first production run of Roland TR-606 Drumatrix: and now he have a Roland revival. It’s back and oh—not only that, but three times over. Japanese pro audio manufacturer unveiled the TR-6S by the boutique TR-06 Drumatrix and the TR-606 Software Rhythm Composer, exclusively to Roland Cloud. This all is fantastic news for anyone wanting to step up or renovate their music production equipment. Similarly, it’s awesome if you’re wanting an acid companion for their TB-03 or TB-3.

But what about Behringer? Has it beaten Roland to the punch with its great RD-6?

Roland Revival: Three New Software Rhythm Composers from Roland

Roland’s TR-6S looks like the young sibling of the TR-8S or the fresh combination of the TR-808 and the TR-909. This drum machine is powerful and compact at the same time. Moreover, the six-channel sports a classic 808-style sequencer. This supreme music production beatbox is more than a replica from the 606. We mean that it has circuit models of 8080, 809, and 7070. Additionally, the TR-6S supports base custom user samples with an FM sound engine with an extended sound palette.

Powered by four AA batteries or a USB bus, and with functions such as sub-steps, flam, step-loop, and motion recording, the classic TR step sequencer is an advanced music production tool. There are also built-in effects which you can apply to either instrument. The reason is that the TR-6S functions as a USB audio and MIDI interface. Plus, the TR-06 is an up to date replica of the original TR-606. All in all, the design of Roland boutique ranges with the same aesthetics as the original. The TR-06 plays authentic 606 tones while offering some new features to perfect your sound design.

Parameters for decay, tuning, and pan are onboard for each sound. Moreover, each has an internal gain that you can push to create a warm overdrive or aggressive distortion. Meanwhile, things can get punchy with a built-in compressor and tempo delay to give sounds some space. Of course, you have to make modern adaptations. For example, there are five trigger outputs housed on the front panel, which are ideal for hooking up to modular rings.