Planetary Group

Planetary Group is a music marketing company and an artist development firm that focuses on each independent artist as a whole. It offers amazing services to boost the music careers of independent artists while it helps them achieve their professional goals. Moreover, it offers indie publicity, social media marketing, and non-commercial and radio promotion. Importantly, this agency has worked with a wide array of artists and labels and has experience with all music genres.

Planetary Group for the Independent Artist

Planetary Group specializes in independent artists who wish to create a solid foundation for their professional careers. In addition, it focuses on experienced and established musicians who want to boost their abilities to achieve greater goals. Overall, it has an outstanding partnership in both the digital marketing and radio fields.

The Services

This agency offers a wide variety of services for independent artists. Examples of these are promotions of all kinds: radio, online, event, and festival. Similarly, they do consulting and international appearance. Firstly, the radio promotion sector offers radio interviews in touring markets. Secondly, online promotion includes strategies that help independent artists increase their audience in a quick and effective way. Thirdly, the event and festival promotion sector help you to connect with music events and festivals worldwide, as the name indicates. In addition, the consulting area of Planetary Group offers media training regarding the music business. In short, this music marketing company helps independent artists grow as audiences discover their music all around the world.

Planetary Group: Conclusion

Planetary Group provides a very useful and constantly updated music promotion guide. This music marketing firm helps independent musicians acquire new tools and strategies that aim to create music and share it with the world. Plus, it offers a professional high-quality service for new and independent artists. All in all, it provides extremely friendly and effective customer service. In conclusion, this firm delivers amazing results offers great radio play listings and appears to be affordable for most.