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Music Distribution

Music distribution is an essential part of music promotion. This means that once you finished you track or record you most likely would want to make it available to your fans and potentially to make than buy your music. In this article, we will review the basics of music distribution to help you understand what…
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Planetary Group

Planetary Group is a music marketing company and an artist development firm that focuses on each independent artist as a whole. Planetary Group offers amazing services to boost the music careers of independent artists as it helps them achieve their professional goals. Planetary Group offers indie publicity, social media marketing, as well as non-commercial and…
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Starlight PR

Starlight PR is a music marketing service and an artist branding PR company that specializes in the music industry. Starlight PR offers several PR campaigns designed for both established and independent artists and labels worldwide. Starlight PR focuses on emerging artists as they acquire the necessary tools to succeed in today’s complex music universe.  Starlight…
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Organic Music Marketing

Organic Music Marketing is a marketing and promotion company that offers a music marketing services to independent artists and musicians. Organic Music Marketing provides a wide array of services that range from playlist campaigns, social media advertisement, influencer marketing, SoundCloud promotion, organic streaming promotion, music video production, as well as music video promotion.  This music…
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Artist Republic

Artist Republik is a social networking-based digital management tool designed especially for independent musicians. It is a music marketing service that is built by independent artists for independent artists. Artist Republik offers a wide array of tools to help musicians grow, retain, and market directly to their fan bases, as it focuses on each individual…
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