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Music Marketing and Advances

Music marketing and advances go hand in hand. Even though the latter is not a strategy to achieve the former, technically speaking, it’s still a crucial part of becoming a music producer. Therefore, we believe it’s a good idea to define the basics of how they work and why you should care. Advances: What are…
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afm sag-aftra the fund

The Fund Part II

The Fund Part II is a continuation on the topic of the AFM & SAG-AFTRA Intellectual Property Rights Distribution Fund, an non-profit organization whose former CEO, Dennis Dreith, described as the other side of SoundExchange. (If you want to consult Part I, click here.) Beyond the initial recommendation we made, and beyond what the fund…
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afm sag-aftra the fund

The Fund Part I

The Other Side of SoundExchange The Fund Part I aims to explain how the AFM & SAG-AFTRA Intellectual Property Rights Distribution Fund is the other side of SoundExchange, and how it can nurture your journey as a musician. As mentioned in our introductory entry, the ASAIPRDF—otherwise known as “the fund”—aims at helping all types of…
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sag-aftra the fund

The Fund: AFM and SAG-AFTRA

An indispensable stepping stone in the journey of any musician—particularly if you’re a non-featured artist—is to learn about what people in the music business refer to as the fund: AFM and SAG-AFTRA. Officially speaking, the complete title of “the fund” is The AFM & SAG-AFTRA Intellectual Property Rights Distribution Fund (ASAIPRDF). This is a non-profit…
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SoundExchange for Music Marketing

An indispensable stepping stone in the journey of any musician—whether songwriter or performer—is to register in SoundExchange for music marketing purposes. This organization guarantees the due payment of royalties. If you’ve followed the entries on getting paid as a member of the music industry, by now you might be a bit more familiar with this…
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creative commons

Creative Commons

If you are planning to produce any type of derivative work—such as a sample, a remix, a mashup, an interpolation, or a cover song—you might want to check out what Creative Commons is all about. In summary, Creative Commons is a non-profit organization from the United States, with an international network, that grants access to…
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music modernization act

Music Modernization Act

There was a time in which artists had to license their productions song by song—but that is no longer the case thanks to the Music Modernization Act (MMA). In brief, this is a copyright legislation that occured in the United States in 2018. Since then, it has had their due updates given that our context…
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blanket license

Blanket License

A blanket license is a concept you should understand in order to grasp the full picture of the Music Modernization Act. Since October 2018, this copyright update on the law has been in practice to pay creators and service holders in the music industry, in particular in relation to streaming and downloading services. The first…
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copyright music production

Copyright and Music: Key Concepts

If you’re starting your music marketing journey, there are key concepts on copyright and music that you should learn about. Some of them we have already explored in previous entries—mostly in relation to derivative works and royalties. Regardless, in this article we’ll sum up everything you need to know in connection to the two terms…
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Sample Clearance

We’ve already talked about sampling and now it’s time to discuss sample clearance. From our previous entry, you already know that the first concept refers to a derivative creative work that consists of  separating a part of an existing sound and incorporating it into a new song. In terms of using music legally, and everything…
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