SoundExchange for Music Marketing

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An indispensable stepping stone in the journey of any musician—whether songwriter or performer—is to register in SoundExchange for music marketing purposes. This organization guarantees the due payment of royalties. If you’ve followed the entries on getting paid as a member of the music industry, by now you might be a bit more familiar with this organization. The aim of this entry is to define SoundExchange and explain how it’ll help your emerging adventure.

SoundExchange: Definition

To begin with, we should clarify that this is an organization for creators, specifically those who are in the music field. SoundExchange came into being in 2003, and its mission is to set the power of music free in an efficient, fair, and simple way. In short, their target is to achieve a competent music industry via technology, data, and advocacy. Importantly, the government of the U. S.  designated it: SoundExchange administers the Section 114 sound recording license. As a result, it collects and distributes digital performance royalties. As their own website stipulates, they offer proprietary music tech solutions that transform data into accurate revenue, i.e. money for your creativity.  Moreover, SoundExchange is present in more than 50 countries, even if it stems from the U. S.

SoundExchange for Music Marketing: the Values

They have six specific values they follow accordingly. We believe that these are deeply aligned with your journey through music marketing  for the organization’s aim is to further your career.

Firstly, they strive for excellence. In other words, they guarantee each  interaction with a customer is worth their time and investment. Secondly, there’s stewardship. To put it differently, this means that SoundExchange believes in their position as the stewards of the creators who belong to this community. As a result, they assure they’ll deliver the money you deserve in an expert and transparent fashion. Thirdly, there’s integrity: they thrive in being an organization on which musicians can rely. In fourth place, they have advocacy, which implies that they believe in you and what you do. Furthermore, they have faith in forward thinking. Lastly, they take teamwork seriously—which is why this organization presents itself as a community and wants any musician to feel as such.

SoundExchange for Music Marketing: Register

To register to SoundExchange—which, again, we deeply encourage you to do—all you have to do is go to their website. As the page itself claims, it’s free, simple, and fast. Before doing so, though, keep in mind that for registering you have to be a creator or a copyright owner. The services that they offer are divided into three categories: those for artists, labels, and producers; those for digital service providers; and those for publishers. After you click “register,” you’ll be redirected to a page where you can officially begin registering from scratch. The platform is friendly and the instructions are easy to follow.

Additionally, one of the most convenient things about this organization is that they’ve got their own app, which is an easy way to keep everything moving once you register. In conclusion, SoundExchange for music marketing will enhance your general experience by providing an efficient way to get the royalties you deserve.