Music Marketing Companies: To Music Market or Not to Music Market on Your Own

Music marketing companies exist to take some weight off from the musician. However, if you’re just beginning, you must decide whether to do it yourself or not. To music market or not to music market on your own: that is the question. 

Music marketing or music promotion is a viable option for any and every emerging artist. As you learned from our previous post on the topic, it is the intersection between marketing and the music industry: a way to increase the knowledge and sales of an artist’s product. However, before you, as a creator, make the jump to promote your own tunes, you should note that can be a very demanding task. Mostly, you should know that it is overwhelmingly time consuming.

For this reason, in this piece we will show what music marketing companies do, in very broad terms. With this information,  you can consider whether you wish to do it on your own or not.

Music Marketing Companies

Music marketing companies are experts on drawing positive attention to artists. As the digital era has taken hold of our daily lives, exploiting social media has become a terrain for serious research, on which these companies specialize. In addition, they have experience on elements you might have not even considered, such as music distribution avenues.

    Music marketing companies can help you, with much less effort than if you were to do it on your own, to do an array of activities. Some of these are, for instance, to get closer to the “front page” of Google. They can put your track in several playlists for streaming services or repost your songs on different channels. Also, they can help you grow your social media (after they have, of course, selected which one is the most viable for your product). In addition, they aid you with public relations, which is something you might not think important now, but will be once your music hits the top charts.

    As with everything business-related, the downside of music marketing companies is their cost. More established companies demand greater investments, which is probably not functional to an emerging artist.


If you think that you can manage to do the activities mentioned in the previous segment (and more), then you do not need to worry about hiring a music marketing company at this time. Put your efforts in the right place and you’ll manage. Little by little, step by step, you can obtain the necessary insights to have a successful music career on your own. There are many online resources, such as this one, that can guide you through your music marketing path before hiring someone else to do the job for you.