Chandler Limited Zener

Plummeted from the notorious limiters of Abbey Street Studios, the Chandler Limited Zener Limiter is a legend in its possess right. With the vibe of the vintage equipment utilized to capture Pink Floyd and The Beatles running through its veins, the Zener Limiter maybe a shake and roll blueblood—with an urgently present-day streak. In collaboration with Chandler Limited®, we gladly proceed with the bequest with the Zener Limiter plug-in. A genuine imitating of its forebearer, christened by Chandler Limited’s Swim Goeke himself, the Zener Limiter plug-in could be a flexible, state-of-the-art limiter and compressor that remains genuine to its distinguished sonic roots.

The Chandler Limited Zener Limiter is an uncommon breed. The development and usefulness are unique compared to other prevalent compressors. Just like the amazing Convent Street limiters, the Zener Limiter’s circuit utilizes Zener diodes, which are famously challenging to utilize. Softube expertly imitated the Zener Limiter’s whole circuit including transformers, circuit nonlinearities, and germanium transistors. A meticulous, however altogether fulfilling endeavour, since this expedient, colourful limiter has an identity to save. The input stage with variable impedance, the THD mode and the unprecedented way it mutilates when pushing the level. The Zener Limiter plug-in is genuinely one-of-a-kind. With the Input Pick up flip, you’ll be able to drive the signal for more or less twisting, whereas the Overall Consonant Twisting (THD) flip disengages the limiter’s edge. The impact may be smooth, satisfying mutilation that highlights a high-frequency bump caused by the discrete speakers and Zener diode restricting circuit. This plug-in essentially has no peer.

When it comes to fitting the general tone of the Zener Limiter, the Comp 1/Comp 2/Limit switch couldn’t be more basic. Both Comp 1 and Restrain were initially planned to imitate the compressors of Nunnery Street Studios, whereas Comp 2 gives a more cutting edge reaction. Whereas Comp 1 could be a 2:1 proportion with slower time constants and the Restrain is super quick, Comp 2 places the limiter within the centre, giving you the compression bend of Comp 1 with the speedier discharge of Restrain.

Image: Softube