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MPhatik by MeldaProduction is a multi-effects and dynamics plug-in that features an amp, compressor and convolution to help you add that special warmth without sacrificing its dynamics. Amping/distortion/saturation are the classic strategies for getting a little warmth to almost about any sound, but the issue is, these forms evacuate flow by nature. MPhatik investigates the input level envelope that forms your sound flag, investigates the level envelope of the output and applies a pick up to create the yield envelope the same as the input. In other words, it reestablishes the flow. Presently you’ll, at last, fatten up any sound material without losing the flow, which is an unavoidable result of utilizing any classic strategies, whether it may be a computerized twisting, analogue immersion and tape.

This plug-in comes prepared with an effective amp test system, convolution reverb (including all sorts of drive reactions from plate reverbs to corridors, rooms etc., also your claim records of course) and a compressor. In the event that that’s not sufficient, you’ll be able still to utilize the side-chain input to drive MPhatik and prepare the sound along with your claim devices. So how almost applying a level envelope of drums on a cushion to induce a rhythmical cushion? Or maintaining a strategic distance from collisions between drums? Make no mistake, this isn’t something you’ll be able to do with classic apparatuses such as doors or compressors since these apparatuses utilize as they were a single level detector. In other words, they don’t care almost what sound you’re preparing.

As always you’ll discover the standard MeldaProduction highlights: M/S, encompass bolster as well as other channel modes, A-H presets for simple comparisons, our simple to utilize coordinates offer assistance framework, programmed pick up emolument and much more.

Image: MeldaProduction