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Sonnox Broadcast Collection

If you’re into broadcast production, then the Sonnox Broadcast Collection is something to look into. In particular, these are Oxford plugins. They are powerful and provide top-notch processing capabilities and precise control over your productions. In this special collection, you will find the finest Oxford EQ and Dynamic plugins. Also included is the inflator, which…
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Mixxin Academy News

MBC 1U Rack

The MBC 1U Rack is everything you’re looking for. Known as one of the most gifted analogue audio circuit designers of all time, Mr. Rupert Neve’s name is now in a digital angle. Designed to lay at the end of your mixing or mastering chain, the Ruper Neve Designs Master Buss Compressor, or MBC, is…
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Maximizing Loudness

Maximizing loudness in a mix begins at the sound stage rather than the mastering one. By using the full potential loudness of individual elements, the producer gives the mastering total control to drive the limiter at a higher threshold without distortion. Electronic Dance Music artists are constantly trying to find ways to get their mixes…
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Audio Limiter

A limiter is an audio effect that allows the signals below an established level or input power to remain untouched. It does so while weakening the peaks of the stronger audio signals. A Very Brief History To begin with, limiters date back to many decades ago, when the first audio processing tool appeared. This audio…
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